Officers and Committees

Officers and Committee Chairs are elected each spring for the following year. We are always looking for volunteers to help the PTO with programming, fundraising, financials and events. Please consider volunteering!

Officers 2021-2022

  • Co-Chair: Joey Conover (4th Grade Parent)

  • Co-Chair: VACANT

  • Treasurer: Amanda Ohlms (3rd Grade Parent)

  • Secretary: Catherine Gray (Clark ESL Teacher)

Committees 2010-2022

  • Bike to School Day: Peter Ohlms (3rd Grade Parent)

  • Buzz by Belmont 5K, Signe Clayton (3rd Grade Parent) and Stacy Miller (4th Grade Parent)

  • Community Relations: VACANT

  • Communication: VACANT

  • Directory: VACANT

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: VACANT

  • Family Needs:

  • Food: Victoria Burruss-Jones (Clark Special Education Instructional Assistant) 

  • Fundraising: VACANT

  • Garden: VACANT

  • Grade/Class Parent Representatives

  • Grant Committee:

  • Hospitality: VACANT

  • Joint PTO Committee Rep: Guinevere Higgins (Parent)

  • MailChimp Newsletter: Tobiyah Andrews

  • Membership:VACANT

  • Publicity: VACANT

  • Social: VACANT

  • Soul Fest Dinner: Vicki Burress-Jones

  • Social Media: VACANT

  • Speakers: VACANT

  • Spring Fun Fair: VACANT 

  • Teacher Appreciation: Krista Jana (Parent) and Carolyn Kilday (Clark Speech Therapist and Parent)

  • Teacher Representatives: VACANT

  • Volunteer Coordination: VACANT

  • Walk to School Day: VACANT
  • Website (Wix) Updating: VACANT

  • Zoom Tech: Phil Varner (Kindergarten Parent)

Parent Representatives (CCS Division Committees) 2021-20222

Gifted Program: Joey Conover (4th Grade Parent) and Phil Varner (K Parent)

Special Education: VACANT 

Title 1 Parent Advisory Committee: VACANT


Officer and Committee Descriptions

The PTO Executive Board is comprised of elected officers, committee chairs, and the school Principal. It meets one evening per month to conduct PTO business, while also hearing updates from the Principal and public discussion from families, teachers and administration. Anyone may attend. Meetings are now hosted virtually on Zoom, live streamed on Facebook and recorded for YouTube.

Elected Officers

President – Serve as leader and key contact for the PTO; preside at all PTO meetings; ex-officio member of most committees; recruit and appoint chairpersons for special committees; set the calendar of events for the PTO; coordinate the work of the officers and committees so that the PTO’s objectives can be met. (Effort: year-round, 1-2 hrs/week)

Vice President  - Act as an aide to the President; perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve; assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Board; coordinate the general activities of any Special Committees created by the Executive Board.  Ideally –  is willing to serve as President in the future.  (Effort: year-round, 1-2 hrs/week)

Secretary - Work with President to set Agenda. Keep the minutes of all general meetings and any meetings of the Executive Board; prepare correspondence and perform all other duties assigned; maintain master documents; help recruit committee chairpersons for all vacant standing committees of the board. (Effort: 3-4 hours per month)

Treasurer - Be responsible for and have custody of all funds; make disbursements as properly authorized; be present at all PTO events where money will be collected; assure that PTO policies and best practices are followed with regards to funds; prepare financial reports for each meeting and as needed; prepare the books for an annual audit. (Effort: 3-4 hours/month)

Chairs and Other Positions (Remember, these are COMMITTEES – there should be volunteers to help)

Buzz by Belmont 5K – Organize October race held on a Saturday at Clark. Largest fundraiser of the PTO. Effort is substantial, but there are systems in place from previous years.

Community Relations - Coordinate community partnership activities, works closely with Publicity and Buzz by Belmont 5K Committees. Effort varies.

Communication - Provide outreach to parents and make sure that family needs are being communicated to the school. Make sure that communication is provided in appropriate languages for our school community. Send out monthly email listserv and other formal communication. 

Directory - Put together directory of family contact info to share with other PTO members who give consent.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Find creative ways to insure that the PTO is reaching all Clark families. Consider how the PTO can support the district CCS Equity Initiatives.

Food - Coordinate food for PTO sponsored school events, including Teacher Appreciation breakfasts, Black History Month Dinner, 4th Grade Graduation, Spring Fun Fair.

Fundraising - Manage the coordination of the PTO’s fund-raising activities. The PTO holds one fundraising event in the fall (5K Race) and one big social event in the spring (Fun Fair). Other small programs include Box Tops for Education, grocery rewards and “family nights” where a restaurant or recreation center hosts a “XYZ Night.” Only 2 or 3 per year, Family Nights require minimal effort – a few phone calls to arrange and sending home a flyer (usually supplied by host). Effort: Buzz by Belmont (12-14 hours), Fun Fair (3-5 hours), Family Nights (1-2 hrs each).

Garden – Organize the school’s garden Clean Up Days. Act as liaison to City of Charlottesville Schools to get mulch. Work with the Cultivate Charlottesville, Master Gardeners and other community garden and neighborhood groups to keep the grounds looking nice and being an educational resource for the children. Build community with families and neighbors. Effort can be split among multiple project leaders, but includes 1-2 hours per month during year, 10-20 hours per month for the two months surrounding Clean Up Days.

Hospitality – Coordinate welcome program for new families and kindergarten families in August at start of school and welcome any families that start mid year.

Membership - We do not have official membership or dues. We seek to be inclusive of anyone in the Clark family that wants to participate. Secure excel school registration contacts spreadsheet from the CCS Division that agreed to be on PTO list. Import into MailChimp. Maintain MailChimp list. Staff table at Back to School Night, organize on-going process to encourage PTO participation. Maintain membership records.  Effort is primarily in August, September. 3-5 hours per month.  Minimal role after September.

Publicity - Disseminate positive information to the community about the school, its students, and the PTO. Promote related activities and programs in order to heighten community awareness.  Many tasks can be accomplished via email (to news outlets) and social media. Work with the Community Relations Liaison for the City of Charlottesville (Effort: year-round, but minimal, 1-2 hours per month.)

Social - Organize in person or virtual social events throughout school year to bring foster community at the school. Coordinate Black History Month dinner in February.  

Speakers - Secure speakers for monthly PTO meetings or other outside functions that enhance the education experience for students, provide professional learning to teachers/staff, or inform families on issues relating to education.

Spring Fun Fair – Coordinate the PTO’s annual spring family event. Typically includes games, bounce house, concession sales, and activities. Usually held in April. Planning begins by January.  Involves a committee with project leaders for various areas. Effort is substantial, especially the 6 weeks prior to the event. Time spent depends on how work is divided and how roles assigned.

Teacher Appreciation – Organize Fall/Spring (or more often) teacher appreciation activities and coordinate daily recognition for Teach Appreciation Week in May. Generally, each month is rotated so that a specific grade hosts the activity (lunch, dessert, treat, small gift, etc.).  Works closely with Hospitality and Grade Parents. (Effort: 2-4 hours per month, more in May depending on what activities planned.)

Volunteer – Coordinate volunteers for PTO events, school activities, and classroom snacks.  Collect list of general volunteers at beginning of year and for special events.  Assure that volunteer data is recorded and available to both the Board and teachers. Work with teachers, staff, and leaders of committees to assure volunteers are recruited for programs. Recruit and coordinate Grade Reps.  (Effort: on-going, year round; time peaks with a few big events. Average: 3 hours per month; could range from 0 to 8 hours per month during major events.)

Grade Parent – One representative from each grade (K-5) whose job is to touch base with the teachers of that grade and report at the monthly meeting of the PTO Executive Board. The Grade Parent relays what activities are occurring in that grade, if any field trips or programs are planned, if the teachers need volunteers for upcoming events.  (Effort is minimal – 1 hour per month). Appointed at beginning of year.

Teacher Representatives

One teacher or IA from each grade stays involved with PTO communication, acts as a liaison between families and the school, and attends meetings as able. (1-2 hours per month)