Water Fountains (Inside and Outside)

We are raising funds to purchase and install water filling stations inside the school, as well as add a water fountain for the playground.

Inside: Elkay LZS8WSLP Filtered Water Cooler with Enhanced EZH2O Bottle Filling Station 

Outside: TBD

Clark Elementary School is a Title 1 school where 100% of the kids receive free breakfast and lunch. Many of our students live in a local subsidized housing community, Friendship Court, and both family and school resources are very limited. The parent-teacher organization (PTO) and after-school program at Clark (CLASS) are looking for financial support to purchase five (5) Elkay water fountains with bottle fillers for our school. The Clark after-school program is a vibrant community with a focus on environmentalism, including a kids’ recycling club, an agriculture club that builds chicken coops, a garden club to maintain the edible garden on school grounds, an art club that focuses on recycled materials, and active efforts to reduce waste, like offering unused fruit from school lunches for children to take home.  

The Problem:  Clark Elementary’s water fountains are outdated, slow, and provide mostly warm water, which many kids will not drink. As such, the children of Clark may not receive adequate hydration, and they stand in long lines with tiny (wasteful) paper cups to have “yucky” water after recess and at the after-school program. They would benefit greatly from a cleaner, colder, and more ample water supply.  Notably, the after-school program director piloted a program last year to increase water consumption by having kids personalize plastic water bottles (that would normally be recycled), and she reports that kids are drinking more water. 

The Solution:  The PTO and after-school program would like to replace the school’s five outdated water fountains with newer models that include bottle fillers. The specific model is Elkay fountain bottle filling units (model EZH20 LZS8WSLK or updated equivalent; https://www.build.com/search?term=EZH20+LZS8WSLK), which would coordinate with fountains in other city schools (so they could share filters, maintenance, etc.).  The estimated cost is $985-$1020 apiece (plus installation costs), for a total cost of about $6000.

Elkay EZS8WSLP high res.jpg