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Clark Education Opportunity Fund

Grants Issued

PTO funds cover special classroom materials and resources to extend learning for all students.

The Clark Elementary PTO works throughout the year to raise funds. In the fall, teachers are asked to submit an application for special projects and needs for their classes for the school year. The PTO then makes a grant to the school out of the Clark Education Fund held at the Charlottesville Albemarle Community Foundation to be used for that school year.

The PTO also makes one time grants throughout the year for special Teacher and Staff Appreciation events and special needs. Please contact us at for a request.


Projects Funded 2018-2019

  • Books: A fourth grade class selected nonfiction books relating to their science and social studies content that they wanted to read. We were able to order these text sets connecting literacy to content learning for their book clubs.

  • Books: Our third grade team purchased engaging biographies that were accessible, relevant and engaging for a biography unit.

  • Magazines: First graders received weekly Scholastic News magazines, expanding their access to nonfiction literacy.

  • Books: We have been able to fund several school-wide initiatives such as our monthly Hot Reads, which provide copies of high-quality literature to each of our classrooms in the form of a school-wide text each month. We love highlighting diverse authors and books with our hot reads and building classroom libraries!

  • Maker Materials: Funds are also utilized for supplies to connect and extend learning related to these Hot Reads through literacy and maker lessons in the library.

  • Supplies: Additionally, supplies for our International Day were funded through a mini grant.

  • Supplies: This year, we have also provided the materials for third graders to make all of the products for their Market Day, a culminating project to their ancient civilizations and economics units.

  • Supplies: We were also able to use funds to supplement projects in kindergarten such as butterfly kits, 100th day supplies and math and science supplies.

  • Equipment: We purchased a needed classroom rug for a third-grade class

  • Field Trips: We were able to supplement the cost of field trips.


Projects Funded 2017-2018

  • Online Subscriptions: For example, one fourth grade and one second grade class each gained online subscriptions for learning resources to extend independent learning opportunities for all students.

  • Blank Journals: First graders celebrated the end of the year with a publishing celebration in which they published a favorite piece of writing in a “Bare Book.” Students took the blank, hardcover books and wrote and illustrated their own stories in them!

  • Field Trips: We were able to provide a field trip in kindergarten and supplement field trip costs.

  • Materials: We added a Breakout EDU problem solving challenge box for the whole school to use.

  • Supplies: Additionally, we were able to fund whole school initiatives such as supplies for our International Day and our monthly Hot Reads, a common text each month for our whole school. We purchase a copy for each classroom to extend literacy learning across grade levels and learning experiences in the building and to build classroom libraries.