Cargo Net Fundraiser


We are trying to raise funds to install a cargo net for kids to climb on in the gym when the weather is bad outside. When kids have more physical fitness opportunities it helps them come back to class ready to focus and learn. 

We need $2000 and already have support from ACAC, Clay Fitness and Rockytop. We just need another $500 to fund the project. (We went ahead and paid for the net out of our Clark Education Fund.)

If you can help out, please let us know. Your contribution is tax-deductible at the Clark Education Fund. You can also write a check to the Charlottesville Albemarle Community Foundation, with “Clark Education Fund” in the subject line.

The Problem: Clark is a Title 1 school where 100% of the kids receive free breakfast and lunch. Many kids at Clark lack adequate rain and cold-weather gear. Therefore, when the weather is even a little bit nasty, the kids have recess in the gym. The same holds for the after-school program (called CLASS). The problem is that the gym doesn’t have much in the way of large-muscle play equipment, especially equipment that allows students to exercise their upper bodies.

The Solution: The Clark PE teacher and the CLASS program coordinator got together and proposed the purchase of the cargo net linked to above. This net is durable. It is easy to store. It can be used by both the PE program and the CLASS program. The principal of Clark, Dr. Anna Isley, has already gotten the go-ahead from the CCS facilities department to install it. 


Funds Needed


Cargo Net: Heavy duty, 12"W, 12x14 = $819 + tax + shipping

Rope Hoist = $125 + tax + shipping  

Cargo Accessories: 31/2-8 in W clamp $115 x 5 = $575 + tax + shipping

Attachment: $250 for steel beam, chain, carabiners